Vision & Mission

  • Be a world leading Integrated Digital Content Services Company.
  • Inspire Innovation and Evolution
  • Touch everyone’s minds, hearts and souls by:
    • Delivering best-in quality and innovatively creative and entertaining content to people:
      • In a language which they understand


At Coral, we do not talk about Principles, Ethics and Values. We live them. For us honesty, integrity, truthfulness, confidentiality, respect of customers trust and confidence, pursuit of excellence, are not just empty statements but a way of life.

For us ethics and values are time-invariant and context-invariant. Being in a profession where words are the basic premise of all happenings, for us, every word is sacred. In India, we have forever placed utmost importance to words, more than ones own life and we live by such values.

Our Value Statement:-

  • Nurture the best quality talent.
  • Create and share knowledge with all.
  • Honor Content and Customer
  • Inspire Excellence
  • Lead by Example