Carrying out international market research requires not only the knowledge of the local languages but also an understanding of the local culture and, above all, the mentality of the people being researched.

This is where a company like Coral Knowledge Services, which specializes in language solutions exclusively for the Business and Marketing sector, can make such a vital contribution to the Market Research Industry. We have the best of the knowledge, who communicate almost in every language.

There are three principles in which we believe in: –

  • Accuracy,
  • Roper linguistic idioms
  • Correct dialect.

We ensure that these elements are absolutely correct in the research material for foreign language markets. Our experts personally approach every client of the target foreign market and personally read out the features of your questionnaires. Or we can approach your target client base digitally. With the fast growth of the internet, there is an automatic increase in the client base. This means that you can be sure your questionnaires have every chance of providing reliable, informative and accurate results.

We offer you nothing but the very best: –
At Coral Knowledge Services, we provide a personalized and extremely specialized service with a proven track record. We have worked with various companies ranging from IT, pharmaceutical, biotech and hospitals. Our expert team members speak in every possible local language including South Asian languages like Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. We also deal with European Clients like French, German, Dutch, Italian and Spanish.

We have a wide base of international Clients: 
Over the years, Coral Knowledge Services has been working with some of the major British, American and South Asian names. We have also provided top class services for the best names in the Pharmaceutical and research industry. They come back to us time and again, because they know that our translations can be trusted.

We help you to work better: –
With our worldwide offices for legal transcription, our legal transcription services offer more value for money to you. Cost effectiveness, security and confidentiality of information and fastest turnaround time alongside with our capability to adapt and work in any time frame even if it is set by our clients make us one of the best choices.

“Excellent”— that’s what they tell us…
That’s because we employ only the best qualified local speakers with the experience and specialized skills to understand the precise needs of market research translating. They cover capabilities in virtually every sector, whether it is the manufacturing sector or the consumer sector– from FMCG to communications, from pharmaceuticals to finance and technology. We have it all in our kitty…

Our team is not just accurate, it’s also highly responsive and capable of answering fast turnaround and deadlines. We are comfortable working at any time frames even though if it is provided by you.
Yet our rates are highly competitive and are reasonable.