Here we happen to be a people-intensive business that can only be as good as the professionals who do the work. It is work that cannot be done by machines or any technology currently available – at least not for the exacting and precise standards of financial, legal, medical, technical, and scientific documentation.

At Coral Knowledge Systems we specialize in providing top class legal translational services to our clients on a high priority basis. We provide high-priority language translation services for all aspects of litigation, from primary documentation to supporting materials. We deal in the translation of primarily all documents extending from patents, charge-sheets, evidence statements, warrants, deposit letters, financial notices, tax statements, audit files and many others.

How we work ?
Each time-sensitive language translation task is assigned to a team of Legal Translation experts. The language translation process begins immediately and continues around the clock as each document is relayed to supporting teams working in consecutive time zones all over the world. Thus, a lengthy legal document that would take other translation service providers up to two weeks to complete, takes us only a few hours. As a result we provide the best quality work in a very short period of time.

We have 3 steps of processing your documents

  • Translation :- All our team members in this department have sound technical knowledge of even the minutest legal terms and procedures that will or might occur in every legal translation. The document is submitted to a specific team of translators each a master of their subject. Our translators then follow step by step methods of translation. The drafts are then sent for proof reading.
  • Editing /Proof reading :- An experienced proof reader then looks into the draft and checks and re- checks the subject correcting even the slightest error. The draft from the proof reader is then sent back to the translator for a final check.
  • Final Review/ Certification :- Once the final draft is ready, a copy of it electronically sent to the client. Thereupon we incorporate any corrections from the client’s side. Once this is done, once again the draft is sent for proof reading and undergoes a series of thorough quality checks whereupon it is finally sent by mail to the client after completion of payment.

Our certified translators analyze the document at every step of the way with the diligence and attention to “fine print” that is critical to legal translation.