Our competent and experienced team at Coral Knowledge Services translates various types of documents for our client base. These include:

Legal Documents: – We have extensive experience in the translation of legal documents of any kind. Our blend of experienced, skilled language professionals, industry experts, and project management makes us one of the pioneers for the most complex and specialist legal translation needs. Thus, we provide accurate legal translations using only certified legal professionals as well as legal translators and proofreaders with professional qualifications in legal translations and related fields.

Medical Documents: – At Coral Knowledge Services, our team of expert Medical translators translates extensively various documents like Medical reports, emergency documents, Prescriptions, case studies, medical presentations, journals, drug registration documentations, regulatory audits and other related documents to help our customers worldwide. Our team incorporates an array of excellent medical linguists in trained thoroughly in various divisions of Medicines. We can provide you help anywhere in the world. We have collaborated with major hospitals and Pharmaceutical companies who are more than just being satisfied with our working standards.

Marketing Translation: – In order to make your product reach the masses, you need to have a sound marketing procedure. Having the help of an expert marketing translation service will aid you in many ways. At Coral Knowledge Services, we employ the best marketing translators who keep records about the ups and downs of every market in the world. Added to that they have an intricate knowledge about the local languages in the world which will make sure that your product and/or service reaches the target customers. Apart from that, we translate various financial documents like Market research, product statements, audit reports and other related documents. We rigorously screen linguists with the highest levels of marketing knowledge specifically for this purpose. We give you confidence that your message is delivered with as much power as it has in its original language. At Coral Services we strive so that your documents get the best of publicity.

Business Translation: – With increasingly ever elusive and ever-changing target groups, business translation services need to be fast, precise and punctual. At Coral Services, we can ensure that all your business documents like financial statements, tax statements, Provident fund reports, Pension statements, assets declaration are properly translated and certified. We have appointed a technically sound team of financial and marketing experts who perform to their best in order to make you achieve your goals. Moreover, we also appoint legalized notaries and certifiers who ensure that your documents are legally valid.

All our transactions with the clients are kept confidential as per their requests.