At Coral Knowledge Services, we transcribe not only text but audio tracks as well for or clientele. Here we follow a 3-point excellence structure: –

Top quality Transcription: –
At Coral Knowledge Services, we never compromise for quality. Your audio script is made into the best quality transcript at our state of the art sound studio. We see to it that our work meets your standards and is nothing short of excellent. Our team of transcriptionists speaks every language of the world locally. Our team of extensively trained and highly experienced transcriptionists will turn your audio into precise written transcripts you can use for all of your business and marketing needs.

Perfect Timing: –
We see to it that your transcripts reach to you on time. Hence we are available for you round the clock. We are comfortable with working in any time shifts that you provide us. Anywhere in the world you can reach us. Why go anywhere when we offer you with a wide range of choices?

Reduced rates: –
We offer an options-based pricing model that lets our customers choose exactly the services that they need. This means that our customers know exactly what their final transcript will look like, and they’ll never be charged more for services that they don’t need. Throughout the World, our services are lauded for their affordability. We offer a satisfaction guarantee. We’ll be happy to redo your transcription if you are not satisfied.

Our services: –
High quality, low cost audio transcription is only the beginning of what you’ll get at Coral Knowledge Services. Here we spoil our customers with a wide gamut of services.

These include: –

Cassette transcription: –
Yes cassettes and record tapes may be outdated. But not for us. We are one of the few audio transcriptionists who transcribe your business scripts even from cassettes. Our easy to use pricing model allows you to select the exact service that you require, so you’ll know, up-front, the cost of transcription for your project.

Conference Call Transcription: –
Our team at Coral Knowledge Services provides quality transcription of your conference calls. We provide the fastest, most accurate, and top quality transcription service in the industry.

Dictation transcription: –
Top class dictation transcription comes cheap and is easier with us. We provide reasonable prices and rates for excellent transcription of all your dictation scripts.

At Coral Knowledge Services we always sign a non disclosure article with our clients.