What is subtitling?
The creepy scrawls that arise underneath your screen while you are watching a movie may be irritating but then imagine the increment of viewers for your cinema or presentation. Here at Coral Knowledge Services, we specialize in writing and preparing subtitles to be incorporated and conceptualized in your presentation.

We’re there, as always,
Whatever be it. Irrespective of the type we provide subtitles in all languages.  As a result, all your modes of presentations be it Audio Visuals, PowerPoint Presentations, Cinematic representations all of them are transformed into more meaningful media with a local language sub-titling.

With the help of our linguistic team and expertise, we provide subtitling translation solutions that have enabled major production companies to make their existing audio visual programs readable and understandable for larger worldwide audiences without replacing the original soundtrack.  Not just that, Coral Knowledge Services can provide original translation subtitling, re-cueing and re- editing of previously existing subtitle files into and from more than 100 languages.

  • Films/ Documentary
  • Video/Educational videos
  • DVDs
  • Television media
  • Advertisements
  • Corporate presentations
  • In-flight videos for Airlines
  • Interactive medias
  • High quality translation for subtitling

Coral Knowledge Services can deliver high-quality translation and we also meet quality standards in the Media Industry. The very first step in making quality translation starts from choosing an area based native or local translator. Our procedures are simple and are able to deliver accurate translation and proved to bring in more customers and repeat business for subtitling translation.

Our Team… the best
Our in-house linguists cover all of the major languages and are supported by a large network of freelance linguists in several countries. Our subtitle translators understand that their job is not just to translate, but to “localize” as well. This involves a great responsibility as it needs them to ensure that the presentation reaches every particular client in the target locality. This requires fluency in the appropriate dialects and the use of culturally relevant idioms. Our translators are native speakers of the target language, completely fluent in the source language, and they are highly experienced in the art of subtitle translation. And to maintain the absolute highest quality control, each translation is reviewed by at least two translators.

We offer you a wide choice of Formats and Styles
We offer standard format translated subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (SDH). Using the most advanced technology, we can customize the style of your subtitles with your choice from a wide range of options in fonts, type size and text color, as well as background, edging, drop shadow and anti-aliasing. We can also recommend a style based on your particular programming.

All Coral Knowledge Services translators are bound by a commercial confidentiality and corporate nondisclosure agreement.