Apart from providing Voice Over and Subtitles for your projects or documentaries on screen, Coral Knowledge Services is also known for providing state of the art Audio Visual Services (AVS) to our clients.
Coral Knowledge Services believes in delivering turn-key solutions. We help to convert your project or presentation to wider number of clients. Our expert team of linguists edit and re edit your project according to your requirements and beautify your presentation.

We achieve this by: –

  • Extensive video detailing :- We use state of the art software in order to decorate your videos and presentations. We ensure that your video be precise, crisp and as per the requirements of your viewers. We do this in our advanced editing studios with the help of our experienced detailers.
  • Providing high quality voiceovers :- At Coral Knowledge Services we have the experience and the talent needed to produce high-quality voice productions that deliver your video exactly the way you want it delivered. Providing outstanding quality at competitive pricing with excellent customer service that’s our motto. We provide all types of voice over services like Narrations, Voice prompts as well as Interactive voice Responses (IVR)
  • Motion graphics and capture :- The slick, network-quality imagery that was once affordable only to the major players in advertising and marketing is now an affordable art form for virtually any company or business seeking to look as good. Our clientele includes everyone from advertising companies to major corporate companies and hospitals. Our motion graphics services also include the following : –
    • Digital Signage
    • Television programming
    • Website
    • Multimedia presentation
  • Sound designing and re production : – Coral Knowledge Services wants your media production project to sound as good as it looks and we have the tools and the talent to do just that. Our sound design and digital audio production studio utilizes the finest digital audio production facilities available staffed by producers and technicians with an ear for great audio. Audio for video and film, audio for web, podcasts, sound-sweetening, foreign-language audio, radio commercials, special effect/special event audios, and custom jingle composition and production packages are all available in one place. Our services include : –
    • Mixing
    • Mastering
    • Recording and re recording
    • Sound designing
    • Engineering and others

At Coral Knowledge Services we follow a principle of confidentiality and extreme secrecy with our clients.