Its impossible to build a company without an incredible team. We are very fortunate to have a group of talented and experienced individuals who have dedicated themselves to create a world class service model that adds value to our clients

Management team

Ms. Shakuntala Chhillar

Founder & CEO

Shakuntala is Corals founding CEO, she is responsible for the marketing opportunities and growth of Coral from its inception in 2009 to a world class translation services company with over 100’s of global customers today. Under her leadership, Coral has grown to the ranks of one of the top most companies in the industry. She continues to manage the growth opportunities for Coral.

Ms. Shakuntala Chhillar can be reached at or call her directly at

+91(011) 45695658

Veenu Rathee

Head Operations

Veenu is responsible to develop and manage the operations and growth of Coral Knowledge Services. She is accountable for operations in India, South East Asia and Europe. Her task involves achieving the highest operational efficiency by directing and coordinating activities consistent with established goals and objectives, and being a participant in developing strategic plans.

Veenu can be reached at or call her directly at

+91(011) 45695658

Mukesh Kumar Bansal (CA)

Head Finance

Mukesh is responsible for payments including receivables and payables. He is responsible to bring in the required money to run the business or manage the vendor payment. He has a great team under him who manage the day to day issues. Their efforts are tremendously appreciated and have been recognized by top management.

Mukesh can be reached at or call her directly at

+91(011) 45695658

Rahul Chillar

Business Development Director

Rahul is responsible for exploring the business opportunities for Coral. He is a graduate of Delhi College of Engineering and of the University of Delhi (Master of Business Economics). He is accountable for Business Development in India, South East Asia and Europe.

LinkedIn profile:

Rahul can be reached at or call her directly at

+91(011) 45695658 or +91 (0) 9212161170

Project Management Team

Reena Sharma

Project Manager

Reena heads the highly talented and experienced project management team. She leads and manages projects from simple to highly complex and challenging projects. She is very quick and competent in responding to our clients, working with multiple clients, managing high profile and complex client relationships, developing and maintaining those relationships by providing superior service. Ensuring technical and tactical expertise in a client driven production environment, she manages project margins and ensures profitability throughout the job production process.

Reena can be reached at or call her directly at

+91(0) 9818681169

Abdul Wadood

Desktop Publishing Executive

Abdul is an integral part of the desktop publishing team. He manages and leads the creative team at Coral Knowledge Services.

Abdul can be reached at or call her directly at

+91(011) 45695658

Use our live support to talk to our project managers or you can also mail us at