About Company

Coral Knowledge Services Pvt. Ltd. is a leading service provider of translation, e-learning, and localization engineering. Headquartered in New Delhi, India, we have three years of experience in executing full life cycle projects in over 100 languages. Coral is well known among the global companies for translation and localization of e-learning, training materials, software UI and UA, mobile phones, graphics and multimedia, user/help guides and web-based applications. We have localization experience with complex and bidirectional scripts, such as Indian, Asian, Arabic, Hebrew and Urdu.

Coral is a fully integrated translation and localization service provider with a global service model. Coral enables clients to get speedy, accurate and native translation through a combination of process strategies, technology leverages and e-business collaboration.

Corals translation and localization service offerings are being used by clients to get 100% accurate and professional translation giving them an advantage to communicate in the local language. E-business collaboration with over 4500 translators and resources with worldwide presence has given Coral the edge to be competitive.

Why Us!

  • Integrated service offerings
  • Optimal resource utilization
  • Variable costs to maximize ROI
  • Increasing productivity
  • Continuous improvement in quality
  • Knowledge management culture
  • Reduced cost of delivery

Our Clients

We work with Engineering, IT Companies and other major organizations in India, Germany, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, etc. Our Quality Focus is primarily in four areas Quality, Technology, Process and Responsiveness.

True Global Diversity

Our highly-qualified, ethnically diverse employee base ensures both delivery excellence and cultural sensitivity. Combine our cultural diversity with our highly-qualified workforce you have a potent combination, not easily matched.